Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Cold One...

It's amazing how much I am affected by weather! It's like pulling teeth to get me out of bed and motivated to do anything! It didn't help that I wasn't feeling the best last night - I ate too much! On my way to the Village Bean I was listening to NPR and they had Mandy Carter talking about marriage equality. It was an interesting discussion but I was aware of everything they discussed, which (a) means I'm paying attention on some level and (b) organization like One Iowa are doing their job. Either way, I felt 'in the know'. Mandy used to work for the Obama campaign and is a huge supporter, when she was asked to talk about Obama's view on it. She said the same thing that I heard from other Obama supporters, 'he believes it's a state issue'. As a senator Obama didn't support marriage equality and as president he is being as safe as possible, trying not to offend anyone by saying, 'it's a state issue'. The bottom line is that I am saddened that he is not a supporter of marriage equality. I think it's also sad when not so many years ago interracial marriage was illegal in many states, and we still have a large population of African American people that do not support marriage equality. The good thing is that I am confident that I will look back at this time and say 'man can you believe when it wasn't legal?'.

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