Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Can you see those baby green blades peering through the dead grass! It truly is exciting! I'm happy spring is on the way. Even though the weather has been a bit colder the last couple days, I'm still wearing my spring colors and walking with a spring in my step. Spring for me and my guess is for many others is a welcome change especially with all the negative news and doomsday speak concerning the economy. Spring is traditionally a time of birth and renewal and I am excited about the both for me!

I've been painting and I'm really excited about the results! I have no formal training, but I'm exploring and learning as I go. What will come of it? Not a clue. But, I'm happy to get some new and interesting art pieces on my wall! Here's the first one I painted:

My art atherapist said I was angry, oh well, I get angry sometimes!

Thanks for reading!

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